The Embodied Gathering
The Embodied Gathering
Krisell Valenzuela

Welcome to The Embodied Gathering

Join my community of heart-centered beings on the path of total embodiment.

About Me

This is a community of heart-centered beings on the path of soul, mind, and body coherence - total embodiment. Find self-acceptance and self-love through psychic development in the Embodied Gathering. 

Why You Should Join Me

Embodiment is being a living example of your beliefs. 

Embodiment is the alchemy of all your life lessons as a display of your personal evolution. 

I believe that you have everything that you need and that embodiment isn't about learning new things to be a better person but to unlearn defunct programming to express your authenticity.

If you're down for this, you want to join.

A Big Thanks

Maraming salamat! That's Tagalog for thank you so much! Your support helps me on my mission to empower femmes of color and their allies live with purpose, confidence, and integrity through grounded spirituality.